Our Story

ONEsalon opened it’s doors in April of 2016 with one mission - that every one that walks in can find that “ahhhh” moment that you experience in your own home.

We believe that each and every client comes here for a reason. We strive for a truly calming and relaxing atmosphere - a place where you can escape the chaos of the outside world for even the briefest of moments and just take a BEAutiful, deep breath.

This salon was founded in 2016 by Sarah Boyce, but the passing of her Grandmother in 2018 gave Sarah a renewed vision.

Grandma Bea was the kind of lady that always took the time to treat herself to a hair appointment. Sarah was fortunate enough to share in this with her until her last day.

Grandma Bea was Sarah’s first appointment at the salon on opening day, and she is still here - inspiring…

As Grandma Bea always said, “Everything happens for a reason.” and we believe there’s a reason that you walk through our doors.